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Our Work

I'm proud of the work I do and here is the place to check it out and put your mind at ease at that I will be able to bring your home improvement vision to life!



Bathroom Renovation

This was big project including blowing out a pocket door, covering a doorway to a master bedroom, new double sink all maple vanity, all new tiled floor, all new tiled shower to ceilings with soap niche replacing single piece fiberglass unit, tiling to ceiling above vanity, paint, trim and fixture updates. How beautiful it turned out! So happy to work with these clients and make their bathroom dreams come true.



Bathroom Build

My clients only had one bathroom on the main floor and what a pain it was to have to go downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom from their master bed upstairs. I added plumbing and partitioned out a bedroom to add the bathroom complete with butcherblock built in shelves.



Bathroom Build

This was another full build. My clients had an unfinished basement space and wanted to add a bathroom. We ended up building a full hallway with two closets. These were great clients and a great end result with heated flooring under large format 12" by 24" tile. There are more pictures of a lot of important details that make a job like this very satisfying for myself and for my clients. Just not enough room on each page to show all the miniscule pieces.



Unfinished Basement Build

 A beautiful textured 3 by 12 subway tile with penny tile waterfall feature complete with glass shelves and deep soaking tub to give my client her own oasis to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. In addition, on the right is the living area with built in surround sound, ethernet throughout. On the left is the all leading to the bath, bedroom with closet. Check out my socials to see all the pictures!

4508A34A-AFD1-4C78-9CA7-C01C406A7C49 (1).jpg


Mudroom rennovation

This was a tough one. I completely renovated this mudroom which including taking washing machine sewage line off a broken septic tank and adding it to the city septic, raising the floor and custom stairs. We ran a little short on funds to complete the trim work but for the budget allowed most other contractors would have only completed the plumbing required.


Patio Build

My clients had a beautifully landscaped back yard and loved to sit back there and enjoy the environment they created, but THERE WAS NO WHERE TO SIT, so we fixed that ;).



Shower Remodel

A simple subway tile and glass shower door can go a long way. My clients were sick of their old 1990's 1 piece fiberglass shower unit. A lot of people are. These things are ugly and outdated. Was really happy put this new tub in tile to the ceiling and add the shower door for a touch of class.



Fireplace build

Wow this one really turned out! Client wanted to upgrade this entertainment nook to something warm and welcoming. Picket tile came out beautifully. I did not install the fireplace unit, but I framed it, ran the electrical, built the mantle, drywalled the sides, cement board on the front, hung the mantle with a French Cleat, and obviously tiled. Was a much trickier project than anticipated but clients were thrilled so I was happy too.



Half bath remodel

Not every project I take on has to cost big bucks. Here is a bathroom that didn't have a tub or shower and we just updated flooring, wallpaper, some lighting, and the vanity and it made a huge difference. There is still trim work to be done on this bath that my client plans on having me come do when funds are available. 



Stairway Renovation

The clients I had for the first bathroom build job on this page saw how unsightly there stairway was going to look as it transitioned into their new hallway/bathroom, so they asked me to redo all the wood planked walls with dry, remove the old carpet, install skirt boards, carpet, paint and crown molding. It was a fun one. 



Bathroom Remodel

Another very old house with outdated poorly done bathroom. We really amped this one up. Beautiful large format tile for floor and half wall. Replaced old tub shower surround with quality Kholer tub, shower door, and Transolid shower walls. A ton of work goes into these small bathrooms.



Large floor install

A house in Hope college's historic district. This was HARD. Big expensive tiles on diagonal thru 8 doorways/nooks. Lots of math, lots of planning, lots of prep work and tough execution. The entryway alone pictured here took half a day to plan and cut correctly. Happy to of had the challenge.



Bathroom Rennovation

Clients wanted to remove their old corner tiled shower and acrylic base with fully acrylic remodel surround, because of the short stairs we had to pivot from a 5 foot shower to a 4 foot shower and add a wall. We repurposed the vanity with some modifications for a new top, did the same tile type but also updated all the water supply lines from galvanized to PEX down in the basement from this 2nd floor to increase the water pressured. 



Shower Rennovation

A failed old 1960's shower brought back to life! This was one of the hardest demo's I have had to do. Thick plaster on metal lathe the walls, floor and ceiling. We had hoped to replace with an acrylic surround for cost savings but the shower was such a strange size with 2 exterior walls there was no changing that, so we pivoted and tiled the whole thing in a beautiful gray subway wat



Shower unit replacement

A lot of people request to change from a single piece shower unit to a bathtub and tiled walls or a shower base and tiled walls. In this case we use a MAAX shower base, shower door, and MAAX U-tile walls. The older generation needs this lower threshold to safely enter the showering space. Was thrilled to help these clients out and we were all happy with this half bathroom remodel. We updated the vanity and all the trim as well.



Shower Rennovation

My clients wanted to update their college daughters bedroom so that is what we did! A common request to remove a single piece fiberglass unit to a tiled shower base or bathtub. We did the timeless 3 by 6 subway tile complete with very cut soap niche. Updated the flooring with a hexagon roll out vinyl and a new toilet. Drywall repaired to you can't even tell its a remodel!



Bathroom Remodel

Client's house was built in 2005 and tragically the shower liner had a leak and destroyed the bathroom. I redid the entire floor, shower, vanity backsplash, shower base install and freestanding tub install. Built a pony wall for shower enclosure and soap niche which is sadly not pictured



Bathroom Remodel

Clients upstairs toilet cracked and damaged the bathroom, the downstairs half bath, and downstairs office. I repaired the drywall in  the office and replaced the flooring (not pictured) updated the half bath and upstairs bath with new flooring, removed all old 1960's tiles off the wall and repaired the walls, added a new shower, had the tub glazed. Custom vanity in the half bath and off the shelf vanity installed in main bath.

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