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I bet you are asking yourself, "How much is this going to cost me?" Well because I am a one man show, I think it's easy for me to break down what type of costs you can expect if you hire me. This will put your mind at ease. Lets break it down together because construction and hiring a professional is expensive, but maybe not for all the obvious reasons. 

"The average cost for a bathroom remodel ranges from $6,622 to $16,805, with a national average of $11,429." Sourced from Angie's List

I have found this to be 100% true. A full bathroom build would be more than this but a remodel to full blown renovation this statistic is dead on and it's based on 1000's of projects. It's not cheap but that's because bathrooms are a ton of work and materials.

Pricing broken down

I want to be very transparent with my clients up front for a couple reasons. First, to put your mind at ease. Second, so nobody wastes each other's time. I think when you ask yourself, "What kind of person do I want in my home?" Your answer shouldn't be a beatnik with no costs and lives in a hole. It should be a respectable person, who cares deeply about the product they provide and also lives a dignified life. Remember, when you pay me you are paying for all the jobs required. Marketing, accounting, house visits, invoicing, tax preparation, estimates, physically doing the work. I am solely providing those services. You are paying a business not just me as an individual. I just happen to run the whole business.


Right away lets make it clear. Taxes are roughly 30% and anything you pay me for labor, 30% right off the top is going to taxes. I do give cash discounts and depending on how much work I'm being hired for even more. The bigger the project, the higher the value I provide.


My overhead is incredibly light compared to big companies, but I still have to pay for licensing, insurance, website fees, advertising, gas, wear and tear on tools and other similar standard, "Cost's of running a Business"

Cost of Living

I am a proud Holland resident for almost 10 years, I own a modest house I bought in 2016 with a reasonable mortgage and all the other costs of owning a home. I'm just like you.

Health Insurance

Like it or not, part of hiring me is paying for me to live a dignified life and not just for hours on the tools. I need health insurance for obvious reasons. Safety is an extremely important aspect of how I conduct my work on site, but situations could arise. If I cut my finger off, I need health insurance to put it back on.


I also like most people need to consider my retirement which means I need to save money. Yes, part of hiring me is paying for my savings amongst everything else mentioned.


This may be hard to hear for some folks but the ones I want to work for will understand. I am a business. I am not just a guy who works in your house. Part of owning a business is to be profitable. A job well done, should be profitable. It doesn't always end up that way. 


There are on average 20 working days a month, if I schedule every single day of the month, that gives me 20 days to pay for everything mentioned above. This almost never happens because it really difficult to be scheduled on the tools 5 days a week with all my other responsibilities. I hope this whole page is a display of my transparency.

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