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My name is Aaron Cohen and I am proudly serving the West Michigan Lakshore community. From touch ups, to remodels, to new builds, to renovations.

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My Story

I am West Michigan born and raised. As a 3rd generation contractor it is in my blood to do the work I do. I worked as an engineer for 10 years, but I finally decided I couldn't live a life where I wasn't working with my hands. I grew up doing various trades with different family members and have now been serving the greater Holland area for nearly 3 years. I cannot bring the speed my competitors like BathWorks or Re-bath can, but I can bring a value, quality, and personal experience they cannot. Using my skills in trade, engineering, and low-overheard, I can complete any project for you that fulfills your vision for your project while remaining budget friendly. It's important to me to work within my community and give something or value back to your homes.

Grow Your Vision

Let's make your home project a reality starting today. Making a home that makes you feel safe and truly yours.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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